Laptouch Touch Screen using Image Processing
Touch Screen Project using Image Processing

The touchscreen soft is mainly an image processing software.

  • It takes the videos from a webcam. The webcam sees the whole laptop screen or desktop screen in front of it.
  • Then four corners are selected by the mouse that tells the software to process the only the selected area.
  • The perspective transform is applied to that certain area to adjust the area to laptop screen area. The selected area gets the aspect ratio as like the laptop or desktop screen.
  • After the proper transformation of the area similar to the laptop or desktop screen, a bright red led light is detected the red light point with respect to that certain area.
  • The brightness and contrast of the image are adjusted properly so that the bright red led light can be tracked easily.
  • The contour area of the led light is measured and the area of other things around the red light is ignored by calculating the largest contour. That means only the largest contour is tracked.
  • Then after the largest area tracked, the points of the area is calculated. That point is then passed to the windows built in mouse cursor movement command to simulate mouse clicks and mouse dragging.
  • The whole process is just done by only a webcam and led light and nothing else. For image processing, I used OpenCV library and plain c++ coding. The Qt Creator IDE is used for coding purposes.

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