HTML & CSS Tutorial 2: Setting Up The Things

Before we start writing our first web page, we need to get familiar with the necessary softwares we are going to be using throughout this series.

Firstly, HTML code can be written in any text editor in Windows, Mac and Linux. But for this series we are going to use Notepad++. The latest version of Notepad++ can be downloaded from here. The installation process is quick and simple. After we start notepad++, this is how it is supposed to look.

life2coding_notepad-452x250 HTML & CSS Tutorial 2: Setting Up The Things

Next, to see the result of our coding and to verify if it is the same as the output we want, we will need to use a browser software. The type of codes we are going to write will support most of the browsers that are commonly used. In this case, we are using Mozilla Firefox. The latest version of Firefox can be downloaded from here. There is a setup stub that will guide you through the installation process. You can also use any browser like Google Chrome, Windows Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Waterfox etc.

Now that we have what we need to start writing our first HTML file, now we move on to how to create the HTML document file.


Go to the location where you want to store the HTML document and create a new text document. You can do this by right clicking and from the dropdown menu select, New>Text Document. After that .txt file is created, rename the file extension to .html. If the extension of the file is not visible, you will have to change the file settings. Go to Computer, then from the tools menu select the Organize dropdown menu. From the menu, select Folder and Search Options. After the window appears, from the View tab, uncheck the box next to Hide extensions for known file types.HTML2 HTML & CSS Tutorial 2: Setting Up The Things

Now as we have everything we need to begin our HTML learning in the right way, we can start writing HTML codes right away.

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