HTML & CSS Tutorial 1: The Introduction

html-css-500x241 HTML & CSS Tutorial 1: The Introduction

In a world of web-based networks, most of us are already familiar with the term HTML. For those of us who aren’t, HTML is the short form for Hypertext Markup Language. As the name suggests, HTML is basically a markup language which is used in designing most of the web contents we see online. Although the use of HTML is not limited to only web page development, it is still the dominating reason why HTML is used. HTML was the brain child of physicist Tim Berners-Lee. The first HTML version came out in 1991, and currently the most commonly used version is HTML 5.0.

Before we dive deeper into more intricate details of HTML learning, we need to know the answers to two questions. What is the necessity of HTML in web development? and why would we learn it?

Firstly, whenever we see any web page on the net, it usually has text and media contents. As our browser engines that handle these don’t have the ability to directly incorporate the contents in a web page, there arises the need for a medium that the browsers would understand. HTML serves as the connecting bridge between the contents and the browser engine. With the help of some keywords which we know as tags and attributes, we can design a web page in the way we want to see it, and the browser engine will translate it to the user.

Secondly, the necessity of learning HTML for web development largely accounts to the widespread use of it. Despite several other methods of developing a web page has been introduced, HTML is still used in more than 80% of the sites all over the world. Moreover, the knowledge of HTML provides the basic foundation of learning about the web and how it works. So it is clear that HTML is a must-learn thing when we want to learn web development.

Another thing that is closely related to HTML is CSS, which we shall also learn in this series of tutorials. CSS is the short form for Cascading Style Sheet. It is used for stylizing an HTML page. We shall learn the uses of CSS various aspects of it in the later parts.

So, as we know everything we need to know before starting, let’s do it!

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