FPPT Provides the Largest Online Resource for Free PowerPoint Templates

free-powerpoint-templates-fppt-cover FPPT Provides the Largest Online Resource for Free PowerPoint Templates

If you’re in the market for high-quality presentation templates that you can use for all your presentation needs, you have to go to the authority when it comes to slideshows and presentations. Free PowerPoint Templates (a.k.a. FPPT) is such a resource.

FPPT has been around for a long time, for more than a decade, and has, over the years, accumulated over 10,000 carefully curated and expertly designed free presentation templates for PowerPoint. Aside from PowerPoint templates, the portal also offers a wide range of resources for presentations and public speaking, to help presenters of all levels to become better and more confident.

The Web’s Largest Free PowerPoint Resources


FPPT has a wide range of resources–all for free. From templates, animated slides, specialty slides, and backgrounds, to articles, tips, and tutorials on how to create stunning presentations or become better public speakers. The portal provides everything any aspiring presenter needs, as well as those that even pros would find helpful as they seek to continually improve their craft.

This resource has a range of presentation templates and PowerPoint backgrounds specially created for Microsoft PowerPoint so that it’s easy to use and customize. The portal is very easy to navigate, allowing you to quickly and easily search for that perfect template or resource with just a few clicks.

temp FPPT Provides the Largest Online Resource for Free PowerPoint Templates

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Navigate to Over 10,000 Free PowerPoint Templates


The homepage displays all the themes, categories, tags, and backgrounds that you may need and from here you can access the different sections and content available on the site. You may click on any of those in the menu to narrow down your search. Because of FPPT’s vast collection, you can expect dozens, if not hundreds, of results. You may further narrow this down by searching for templates according to popular keywords. If you have a specific topic or keyword in mind, you may also go ahead and type in that keyword in the search box.

free-presentation-template-backgrounds FPPT Provides the Largest Online Resource for Free PowerPoint Templates

Aside from these, you may also go over FPPT’s diverse range of categories, from topics to holidays to countries of the world, even. Whatever your PowerPoint presentation topic is, you can be sure that you will find one in the portal. Using the abstract backgrounds and presentation templates you can create impactful presentations in less time, and avoid Death by PowerPoint.

You may also search for your desired presentation templates, themes, or backgrounds according to color. This is great if you have a specific color scheme in mind, or if you want to keep your decks brand-oriented. This is also a good way to find abstract backgrounds that may be suitable for a variety of presentation purposes.

architecture-powerpoint-template FPPT Provides the Largest Online Resource for Free PowerPoint Templates

Find the Perfect PowerPoint Template You Need


There are also highly versatile templates that you can use for various topics. These may also be easily customized to suit your specific purposes. There are also special templates that cater to highly specific topics, complete with layouts and sample text that can help guide you in completing your own deck. This includes business topics but also educational and technological topics.

What’s also great about FPPT is because it offers one of the web’s largest free PowerPoint themes collection, this means you don’t have to fulfill any obligation to download any template of your choosing. You don’t have to sign up for anything, join a membership, worry about receiving spam, or even give out your personal and credit card details.

You may download as many templates as you need, as well as explore the site for tips, tricks, and tutorials without paying for anything. Best of all–there’s no catch. It’s really absolutely free.

You may want to check out the site for yourself and see just how big their collection is. Visit

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