Arduino Web Based Monitoring and Control

The Arduino Web Based Monitoring and Control project is the code and layout offline website implementation of the project named “ARDUINO WEB BASED 1 KW SMART POWER INVERTER COTROLLER“; also for the online website has been tested already.
This post will show you the advantages and weaknesses of using this web based controller.

The advantages is all about what the ARDUINO WEB BASED 1 KW SMART POWER INVERTER COTROLLER post says about and many more.
The weakness is when the website accidentally refreshed or refreshed by the user.
Which would bring the entire control to renew their execution, but it can be fix. I have done including script into the source code which will disable refresh and prompt the user about something to happen if he/she do it – refreshing the website.

As long as you are conected to the internet and your device to your PC. You can control and monitor Arduino connected devices; even when you logout from the website and shutdown it, but not your PC.

Also on the video below demonstrated functionality and flexibilty of jQuery technologies – a javascript framework – which is best and proven quality in developing cross browser compatibility features of your web based project. Want to more about jQuery? Go here.

Special mention to “Breakout.js software server” and “P5.js“; an opensource javascript framework projects which will let you access Arduino peripherals and do some cool things to your project. There are many javascript framework on the web you can use to control microcontroller, it’s just a matter of functionality and comfortability preference to the language that in the end delivers excellent result.

On the video below; I have showed different layout of the project, controls, login form, themes, frontal view and backend view.

All in all: monitoring and control devices wherever your are has been unleashed; and tend’s to open new door of improvement and exploration with the internet of things.

The following video shows the demo of this post:

james-pic Arduino Web Based Monitoring and Control

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